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Details My-Politically-Incorrect-Sex

Primal instinct, from curiosity to passion, a lifetime of relationships and experiences, some politically correct, some not.

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Details Politically-Correct-Guns

Politically Correct Guns is a take-no-prisoners invasion of the Gun Control crowd's territory, lobbing humor grenades at their hypocrisy, bombing their misplaced zeal with clever vignettes, and surrounding their anti-gun rhetoric with such pointed ...

21,95 EUR*
Details Global-Warming-in-a-Politically-Correct-Climate-How-Truth-Became-Controversial

Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate "Societies unravel when they lose the glue that holds them together." The opening words of "Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate" reveal author M. Mihkel Mathiesen's passionate struggle to ...

14,13 EUR*
Details The-Lost-Word

A mixture of thriller, love story, political and psycho-philosophical novel, 'The Lost Word' presents an introduction to the politically explosive situation that exists between the Kurds and the Turkish state.

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Details The-Migrant-Image

The Migrant Image In The Migrant Image T. J. Demos examines the ways contemporary artists have reinvented documentary practices in their representations of mobile lives: refugees, migrants, the stateless, and the politically dispossessed. Full description

15,66 EUR*
Details Speaking-Your-Way-to-Success

Chapters of this title include: Making Introductions; Developing Listening Skills; Using Politically Neutral Language; Interviewing and Being Interviewed; Speaking in Public; Communicating Cross-Culturally; and, Harnessing the Power of Today's ...

16,10 EUR*
Details The-Lost-Reflection

Brian Denman, a retired CIA agent and lethal mercenary turned private investigator, unearths the scum and scandals among the politically powerful. When his friend Phillip Wilder, owner and editor of Urban Legends tabloid, recruits him to gather ...

15,67 EUR*
Details Betwixt-and-Between

Short-listed for the 2014 London Hellenic PrizeThe touching story of a teenager who struggles with the eternal problems of adolescence, Betwixt & Between is a coming-of-age novel set in a politically divided country. While the era of British ...

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Details American-Horror-Film

American Horror Film Creatively spent and politically irrelevant, the American horror film is a mere ghost of its former self--or so goes the old saw from fans and scholars alike. Taking on this undeserved reputation, the contributors to this ...

17,49 EUR*
Details Paradox-The-Rejected-Cornerstone

Paradox In sharp contrast to today's foreboding, politically correct posturing, there is a formula that measures "all things"--in the same precise way that we know with certainty that two plus two equals four. However, the world continues to search ...

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Details Rednecks-Queers-and-Country-Music

In her provocative new book Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music, Nadine Hubbs looks at how class and gender identity play out in one of America's most culturally and politically charged forms of popular music. Skillfully weaving historical inquiry ...

23,49 EUR*
Details Asia-as-Method-Toward-Deimperialization

Asia as Method Presenting an analysis in the dynamic forces of modern East Asian history, this title recasts cultural studies as a politically urgent, global endeavour. It argues that the intellectual and subjective work of decolonization begun across ...

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Details Classic-GI-Joe-Volume-13

The end of Larry Hama's original run on "A Real American Hero" is drawing near! Now sporting their own Ninja Force, Drug Elimination Force, and Eco-Warriors, the G.I. Joe team is politically correct and ready for anything! The increasingly colorful ...

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Details Nineteenth-Century-Germany-Politics-Culture-and-Society-1780-1918

Between 1780-1918, Germany underwent massive changes--politically, territorially, culturally, economically, and socially. In this book, an international team of scholars provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the subject, organized along ...

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Details Love-at-Sunset-A-Genuine-Liveaboard-Book

"For my friend who was considering moving aboard, "The Liveaboards" was the perfect gift. The novel presents a true picture of this lifestyle." -Heartland Boating Magazine 2008 was a humdinger, economically, politically, and emotionally. People who ...

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Details Lispettore-ColiandroStagione01-4-DVDs-IT-Import

Una ventata di aria fresca nelle stanze chiuse della melensa fiction italiana. Un "diretto" allo stomaco degli sceneggiati ipocriti e sdolcinati, dei polizieschi con algidi agenti modello e commissari sempre politically correct. Un personaggio così ...

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Details Migration-Displacement-and-Identity-in-Post-Soviet-Russia

Migration, Displacement and Identity in Post-Soviet Russia Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, 25 million ethnic Russians have found themselves constituting a politically and culturally diplaced "Russian minority", scattered throughout the newly ...

7,60 EUR*
Details Omnium-Gatherum-A-Trans-Genre-Trans-Grens-Anthology

Ten international visual and literary storytellers have come together in Belgium to share their perceptions of strangeness. This concept can be broadly interpreted to mean marginalization, whether personally, socially, or politically imposed. As such ...

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Details Brain-Gain-Rethinking-US-Immigration-Policy-Brookings-FOCUS-Book

Brain Gain In Brain Gain, Darrell West addresses why immigration policy is so politically difficult in the United States despite the substantial social, economic, intellectual, and cultural benefits it brings. Full description