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Details Lispettore-ColiandroStagione01-4-DVDs-IT-Import

Una ventata di aria fresca nelle stanze chiuse della melensa fiction italiana. Un "diretto" allo stomaco degli sceneggiati ipocriti e sdolcinati, dei polizieschi con algidi agenti modello e commissari sempre politically correct. Un personaggio così ...

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Details Student-Activism-in-Malaysia-Studies-on-Southeast-Asia-Band-54

Student Activism in Malaysia This work traces the early rise and subsequent decline of politically effective student activism in Malaysia, shedding new light on the dynamics of mobilization and on the key role of students and universities in ...

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Details The-Politics-of-the-Poor-The-East-End-of-London-1885-1914-Oxford-Historical-Monographs

The Politics of the Poor Victorian 'East-Enders' were not as poor, jingoistic, anti-immigrant or politically Conservative as they are usually considered to be.This book shows that it was local networks and links, often of better-off workers with their ...